Been hyping people for too long and it`s time to say some things about me so I could hype other people about me. Makes sense? Anyway, I`m a passionate enthusiast in the entertainment business who tries every day to seek more goals and rise up towards my own personal goals. Since as long as I can remember my life has been dedicated to being both on stage and backstage, being the human who enjoys being called an agent or a manager and loves being surrounded by creative freaks. 


Being part of companies dedicated to the same goals as mine made me realize that there is nothing I would love more to do than managing future talents, staying up-to-date with social media matters and minding my own part of the game respecting my own rules. Sounds harsh but it isn`t. Diplomacy is the key and love stands for passion.

Back in 2018 I started my own creative space where imagination and pure incentive started to ramble around and transform into stories told by myself. The love for doing more started to surprise me, this way listening more to what people have to say, in order to know how to control my own personal endeavors. My soon-to-be audio podcast will launch soon and my creative space will become a personal branding for everything I love to do. From representing and developing talents using my soft-skills in PR, Marketing and Social-Media, to enjoying my own creative space. All in one place.